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It would make me so happy to wake up to podcasts in the morning. Do you do this? How? It seems easy enough, but I can't figure out how to configure my iPhone (iOS 7) alarm to play podcasts. The current options it gives me are ringtones or an iTunes song. Is this simply the matter of finding the right app? Thanks!!
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If you sync to a computer you can use iTunes to change the podcast type to music by selecting the podcast episode and then choosing

File -> Get Info

and in the window that pops up choose the "Options" tab,

and in that tab click on the media type (which currently is "Podcast")

and choose "Music" from the drop-down menu

and then click "OK"

then when you sync with your iPhone you can choose the episode in the alarm as a song.

As far as I know there is no way to do this on the iPhone itself.
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I have a clock with an iPhone connector/charging station built in. I believe it's possible to make the clock's alarm play the iPhone, and whenever the clock automatically plays the iPhone, it plays the current podcast (or music, if that's the last thing used on the iPhone).

The clock is made by Sony, but it's really old. You might be able to find a newer Sony clock that does the same thing.

It's also really convenient for charging the phone.
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Best answer: It looks like Yocto Clock will play podcasts as the alarm. It doesn't say so on the site, but my copy allows me to pick podcasts. I'm running iOS 8, but the app hasn't been updated yet. Give it a try.
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Response by poster: IT WORKS!! Thank you!!! I will be sure to donate to them. :)
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