Fun times in slc tonight?
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Due to a series of unfortunate events, I'll be in the Salt Lake City airport from 4pm-1am today. Is it worth going into SLC from the airport? Anything exciting going on tonight? Anything worth checking out in the airport?
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Best answer: There's nothing at the SLC airport, sorry to say. You can go into the city for a movie if nothing else. Red Rock Brewery is a fun spot downtown. Make sure that you know the hours for security at your terminal. It can down 20 minutes before the last scheduled departure in the terminal -- if that's 11 p.m. than you could be locked out if you roll back around midnight.
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Me? I might get a hotel room, have a shower, watch tv and eat something. Other than that, buy some books, figure out where Dinner's coming from and learn to love SLC.
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Best answer: Take the TRAX (light rail) to the Red Iguana and eat the city's best Mexican food. It's a 12 minute trip and the mole is worth at least three times that.
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Do you have transportation? Be wary of Sunday public transportation schedules. It looks like the TRAX line to the airport only runs until 7 PM on Sundays. I doubt any bus lines run much later. If I were you and had a car I would go downtown, maybe see the temple lights, see a movie at Broadway theaters and stop in at one of the bars on that block.
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Response by poster: No car, thanks for the tips about trax and terminal hours. I'll prob just end up at an airport bar with my kindle.
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Best answer: I don't even particularly want to see any of the movies currently playing there, but if I were in your place I'd nevertheless head directly to Brewvies Cinema Pub.
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Best answer: Go see the Christmas lights at the Mormon temple. If the Mormon Tabernacle choir is rehearsing you can go in and listen for free and that is actually a truly awesome experience.

Get somewhere where you can pick up Wasatch Brewery swag. My favourite is my "Polygamy Porter" hat which says on the back "Why have just one?" Sometimes they also tag it with "Take a case home to the wives."
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