Is there an Android chess app that has a full audio mode?
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Is there a chess app for Android that works like the Mac desktop chess program in voice command mode?

In other words, it accepts moves as voice commands and announces the response audibly while keeping the visual board up to date. Or is there a way to use an existing chess app along with some kind of accessibility utilities?
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If I may piggyback on this question, I would love a voice controlled chess app for iOS.
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I don't have an Android device to test looks like "Chess Legends" can do it. I can't find it in the Google Play store, but there is this video showing it off.

Chess-Wise by Marcel Nijman on iOS supports VoiceOver. It doesn't support voice commands, but uses the standard VoiceOver interface model where you tap/drag and it speak the name of where your touch is ("White Rook A1", "B1", "White Pawn A2", etc) and then double tap to do what a normal tap would do (select a piece) and follow the same pattern to move the piece. Needs dexterity and hearing but no vision required.
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