Unique gift/book stores in NYC along the lines of Kinokunya
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I'm doing some holiday gift shopping in NYC this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for one-of-a-kind stores that are fun to browse and would provide gifting inspiration!

I've had good luck at Kinokunya because their selection of books and things is distinctly different from other bookstores since their focus is on Japanese books and culture. Stuff long the lines of that, MOMA Store, etc. is what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Still House is my favorite place to visit to get gifts recently (east village, on 7th between 1st and A)

I call them the Hipster Bridal Registry- they basically have absolutedly adorable home housegoods.

There are also the two shops on Ave A between4th and 5th st that are great for gifts. I want to say one is called "alphabets" and another is a Housewares store.

You can also do well walking down 9th st starting at 2nd ave and heading east.
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Best answer: The Evolution Store!
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Best answer: YES to the Evolution Store! That place is amazing.
These are certainly not unique to New York so depending on where you live this might not be good advice, but there's Muji.
I also like Fishs Eddie.
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Best answer: Fish's Eddy has unique housewares and is a great browse, on Broadway at 19th St.
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Best answer: Pearl River Mart!
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Best answer: Kinokuniya is one of my favorite stores! Nthing Fish's Eddy, seconding Pearl River Mart. Lee's Art Shop has some interesting gift-y things. The Superhero Supply Store and Kikkerland have been on my list, but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

If the giftee is into jewelry, Pippin Vintage is a good place to check out (they also have a selection of furniture). For unique snacks (like 20 varieties of Pocky), try the basement of Hong Kong Supermarket.
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Best answer: Second the Evolution Store, Fish's Eddy, Muji, and Pearl River Mart.

Also try Kiosk, Obscura Antiquities & Oddities, Erica Weiner, In God We Trust (Locations is in the footer), Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market.
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Best answer: If you wanna come out to Brooklyn, it's actually a pretty quick train ride from Evolution to Brooklyn Flea and Berg'n. If you wanna try a Ramen Burger and soak in a truly hipster experience.
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Response by poster: Woohoo! Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! Keep 'em coming if you got 'em.

I realized the question was worded ambiguously but just to clarify after KernalM's post: I'm just another hipster who lives in Brooklyn (although I haven't had a Ramen Burger yet!) so if not during this round of shopping I'll definitely get around to checking out everyone's suggestions eventually.

Also I'll answer my own question too, in case other people are reading, with a suggestion to stop by Eataly for consumable gifts! I always get a bag of goodies around the holidays. They have a great selection of imported chocolates, jams, and cookies that I haven't seen elsewhere.
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