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Looking for a web-based membership record / mailing list system for a small club

I'm the chairman (and at the moment, essentially the secretary, treasurer and membership officer) for a small, fairly new archery club of around 40 people. Membership is unlikely to exceed 100 people. At the moment I keep a Google spreadsheet of member details (names and contact information, along with emergency contacts and so on).

What I'd like to use instead is a nice simple web-based system for maintaining this information. I'd like some, or all, of the following features:

The ability to send out a unique link to all of the members to allow them to update their own contact details periodically.
Some sort of assurance about data privacy (i.e. encrypted database, SSL etc.)
The ability to send out emails to all or a subset of members. Bonus: Emailing categories that members can opt in or out of.
Ability to export data to Excel or CSV.
Free is good, but a couple of $/£ a month isn't out of the question (definitely not double figures).
I don't mind whether this is a third-party service or something I can run on my own server - I do websites for a living.

What I don't need is any kind of all-in-one sports club management package with website and competition/fixture management. I suspect I may be talking about some sort of simple CRM thing (?) I know nothing of CRM things.

Things I've looked at: CiviCRM (too complicated), ClubExpress (too costly). I'm aware of previous answers, which don't quite hit the spot.

So... what's the best thing out there for our needs?
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Mailchimp can definitely do what you want, is free for the user level you're talking about, and has fairly decent security measures. Not 100% whether a user can opt in and out of a subset by themselves, but everything else is there.

Is there something more complicated that you're looking for?
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Response by poster: We use Mailchimp occasionally, although it's been a while. I'll take another look to see if it has what we need. Keep the ideas coming, though...
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Is there a reason why meetup won't work for you? I organize a small group and it's great. The only thing to check is what kind of analytics can be exported.
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Best answer: there are lots of options, most of the solutions that have been around for awhile charge when you hit more than 50 members, but for some it's 100.

good overview of several here.
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Response by poster: Thanks bobdow. That's a handy resource, and I'll be checking a few of those out.
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