Mysteries of and Organism
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I recently saw a obscure Yugoslavian film and am constantly thinking of the film's ending music number. Anyone able to help me find it?

The film was called "WR Mysteries of an Organism" (1971, Dusan Makavejev). Basically a collage film that has a bunch of different films in it (even more obscure). Basically the film ends where a sexy revolutionary woman is slain by her star figure skater boyfriend who uses his ice skates to decapitate her. After doing that he has a pretty good musical number. I really want to see this film again or at least hear the end music. Any leads?
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Best answer: That's actually one of the more famous Yugoslavian films (I know, that's not saying much). I haven't seen it in a while, but you're probably thinking of Bulat Okudzhava's haunting song Молитва ("Пока Земля еще вертится") [Prayer ("While the Earth still turns...")]. The Russian text with guitar chords is here and an English translation here (I don't much care for "And don't forget truly yours" for 'And don't forget about me,' but the rest isn't bad), and there's a "free mp3" here (I haven't tried it; use at own risk). This Google search will get you a bunch of sites (it's where I got those). I hope this helps; I know how hard it is to get that song out of your head!
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Best answer: Is it this one? sorry, I don't speak russian(?), so it might be wrong
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That's the one! I mean, it's the one I was talking about; I assume it's the one the poster wanted, but he'll have to tell us himself.

Man, what a great song—it's sending shivers up my spine as I type...
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Mmmmm... Sweet Movie...
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growabrain, I share your regard for Sweet Movie. Am doing a tfer to DVD off VHS for a friend of mine's holiday present... Hadn't seen it in a long time -- still utterly shocking and wonderful. Will check for mefi threads on it...
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So, Napierzaza, do any of these answers satisfy/enlighten you? Please drop by your thread again and say hi.
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Response by poster: That's the one blue_beetle.
It was a really heart-wrenching ending.
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Response by poster: Where can one go for a better encode?
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Response by poster: Here's a woman singing it, NOT from the movie, but good.
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