Name this Russian mail-order bride movie. (No mobsters or Nicole Kidman)
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Okay, help me AskMe, you're my only hope. Everybody gets at least one, and now it's my turn to be stuck on the name of a movie I once saw and loved. It is basically about a Russian mail-order bride, but it is definitely not Birthday Girl, despite certain keyword similarities. It's a little indie movie with no name stars. There are also no mobsters. It's not a thriller at all. It's very sweet. Basic plot summary inside.

Okay - picture a small town, somewhere in the upper midwest maybe. Locals all hang out at local diner, where the local pack of drunken yahoos get the idea, while their drunken de facto leader is in jail, that it would be hilarious to surprise him when he gets out with his own Russian mail-order bride. They find an ad in a magazine, charm the girl with carefully written letters that utterly misrepresent the guy in question, and buy her a one-way ticket - by raffling off the "groom's" pickup truck - and damn if they don't actually get this Russian girl to show up.

Things are not quite as she expected, but get worse when the very drunk "groom" just assumes his friends have gotten him a prostitute. The evening does not end well. And nobody even thought far enough ahead to ask what happens to the girl after the joke (which didn't even work) is over. Nobody has the money to send her home. She's just stuck there.

So the woman who owns the diner takes her in, the girl starts working as a waitress and over the course of the movie she proceeds to make her mark on her new home. By the end, the town is a much better place for her presence, and pretty much everyone in town has fallen in love with her.

What the hell is this movie? I want to say it's named for the town somehow, but all I can come up with is Happy Texas. Which has almost literally nothing in common with this movie. I eagerly await someone nailing it in one.
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Best answer: Postmark Paradise?
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Response by poster: And I am not disappointed. Perfect, Admiral. Perfect.

Not sure why I couldn't turn that up myself, but I knew I could count on MeFi when my own Google skills had failed utterly.
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