Best Shaving Mirror?
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I have been tasked with a very specific Christmas request: the best illuminated, magnifying shaving mirror available. That's the sole requirement. I think they'd also like if it had a reservable regular mirror side. What is the best illuminated, magnifying shaving mirror out there?
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I purchased the Simple Human 5x Magnification Mirror from Bed, Bath and Beyond last year as my makeup mirror. Yes, it is really pricey, but the mirror is the best I've ever seen and the light is bright. It's chargeable instead of having to have it plugged in all the time.
I'm not sure if it works as a shaving mirror as well, but I highly recommend it.
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I have an older version of this conair model, also from BBB. Mine is only 7x. Suggesting you go to BBB and see what you like:)
Edit: mine is for make up too, haven't shaved w it. Maybe check out the wall mount accordion types, too.
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Well, Hammacher Schlemmer always lists their items as "The Best [Thing]" or "The World's [Adjective]-est [Thing]. Here's the search for "shaving mirror" at their site.
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I have Hammacher's "The Best Fogless Lighted Mirror" in my shower right now. The included silicone adhesive really works well- it's been on for a couple years. The Fogless part is the basic 'fill it with hot water' method, which is fine but the hinge mechanism (for tilt) is not sturdy enough to hold the position when the mirror is full. The mirror surface is very easily scratched, as I found out when the cleaning lady had a go at it with a scrubby. I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of 10.
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Also, it is NOT magnifying.
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