Trustworthy solicitor (lawyer) in Ealing
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Does anyone know personally a trustworthy solicitor in Ealing or Brentford areas? I have asked around and so far had no success. It is just for a standard Will, but there are a few complications and intricacies, so need someone very clever and very honest but reasonably priced-will pay the going amount of course. Impossible?
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Best answer: We used Prince Evans a couple of years ago. It was for conveyancing, not a will-writing, but was a little nonstandard and they coped with the additional complications very well.
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Response by poster: Many thanks dogsbody- exactly what I'm looking for. Will contact them now and verify. More and more good services that one used to have to travel for , are now local and soon to be more with Crossrail perhaps ( but not that soon). We may also need conveyancing services, so it's very helpful to hear you had a good experience- conveyancing can be tricky or always has been for us anyway. Thanks again.
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