Number of recent Congressional bill banning certain expert testimony?
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During the week the Keystone Pipeline bill failed in the Senate (Nov 17-21), another bill passed the House of Representatives that barred experts from providing testimony about a study if they had been involved in the execution of the study. Does anyone remember the number?

Hi all, a little background: I remember being extremely concerned about the potential impact on environmental studies and their relevance in Congress. This would not affect (industry) lobbyists as much as research experts in a field. Thanks!
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Oops. I forgot to mention, this involves testimony provided in Congressional panels.
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Well, you can search by date and keywords at this site:
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To search for recent legislation, I'd recommend using, the successor to THOMAS, or Scout from the Sunlight Foundation.

I've tried searching with various keywords and the closest bill I've found is H.R. 1422 - EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2014. Is this what you were looking for?
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Yes, that's the bill. Thanks. I also appreciate all the links for how to find legislation.
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