Box Spring Mattress Stuffing?
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There is stuffing crammed into the corners if my box spring mattress. Why? And can I throw it away?

I am cleaning out the guest room and wanting to do a thorough job, I am cleaning underneath the bed. Upon removing the box spring from the frame I saw that the very thin fabric that is stapled on to the underside of the box spring was a few tugs shy of completely coming off. Since our cat has ripped a hole in the fabric making a very nice napping spot for herself there (and consequently piling up cat hair on the thin fabric), I decided to just get rid of the barely hanging on hairy holely fabric. Now the bottom of the box spring is exposed and I see gobs of stuffing mashed into each corner. Nowhere else - just the corners. What's the purpose of the stuffing? And more importantly, can I just get rid of the stuffing or must I get another thin fabric to put on the box spring to contain the stuffing?
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The stuffing rounds out the corners. The box spring is otherwise made out of straight pieces of wood. Take it out if you want. I'd leave it, personally. It's nice for bedding not to have hard corners, but ymmv.
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the stuffing is used to dampen noise... i.e. stop the box spring from creaking or squeaking.

wood flexes...
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I really think it's to prevent the springs from damaging the outer fabric panel at the corners, which are stress points. You can see them being installed in one brand's box spring here. See also the plastic corner guards on the exterior.

Personally I would get some muslin from the fabric store and staple it over the bottom of the mattress. (Top covers are called ticking material, but I couldn't find a name for the rough, translucent fabric you often find on the underside of a box spring.) You wouldn't want your cat to have some bits mixed in with the springs when you compress them.
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