Pretty movies that are not slow
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My attention span is usually awful, especially for movies. I've never been able to get into slower filmmakers like Ozu and Tarkovsky. I do love filmmakers/cinematographers who make lush, beautiful movies that engage with film as a medium, but I need them not to be slow. Examples of non-slow, pretty ones I like include Sofia Coppola, Wong Kar-Wei, and Michel Gondry. I have Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming, plus can find other titles online. Any other suggestions for movies?
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First thing that comes to mind is Tarsem Singh's The Fall.
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Anything by Michael Mann (except Last of the Mohicans).
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I also was going to suggest The Fall. Very visually stunning.
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Oh and Big Fish is probably also a contender.

And The Fountain.
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Seems kind of obvious, but would Wes Anderson's later movies fit your definition of "pretty"?
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Anything directed by Baz Lurhmann except Australia, maybe even that one though I found the storyline slow. Whatever you might say about his storytelling his imagery is lush as all get out.
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You know, the more recent crop of non-Disney animated family films have been pretty darn gorgeous, and good to watch to boot. Try:

-The Croods
-The Secret of Kells
-James and the Giant Peach (not recent, but amazing.)
-Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (way better than I was expecting as a devotee of the original book)
-Anything by LAIKA including Coraline & Paranorman
-A Monster in Paris
-If tv shows are doable, Samurai Jack remains one of the most stylishly beautiful cartoons ever made.

Anyway I know how you feel. I love a ponderous beautiful film maybe once every two months but apart from that give me something with some pace! More suggestions:

-Speed Racer (yes, the 2008 Wachowski one. Don't knock it till you try it.)
-Anything by Guillermo del Toro, especially Pan's Labyrinth, but both Hellboys were delightful.
-An American in Paris is my favorite musical; you might have some luck with the late midcentury musicals when they really got the form down.
-Similarly, Bollywood greats starring the untouchable SRK like Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bada Di Jodi are beautiful and lush but in no way ponderous.
-Scifi and Fantasy like The Fifth Element and The Brothers Grimm, two of my favorites that seem to split everyone into love or hate.
-If you're willing to do a live action tv show, Pushing Daisies is for you.
-And finally if you think your attention span is robust some day, try the wonderful Japanese film Departures.
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
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Oh and perhaps Pan's Labyrinth. I might be commenting on this all day...
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- Seconding anything by Baz Lurhmann, Coraline, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
- Mood Indigo if you haven't seen it yet, directed by Michel Gondry.
- The Golden Compass (though I may have a bias towards anything starring Daniel Craig...not to mention the stunning costumes worn by Nicole Kidman in the film. I don't really remember much of the plot but remember being struck by the cold beauty of this one).
- Stealing Beauty...this is one of the most beautiful films I've seen but hopefully you won't find it too slow.

Hmmm I have more but I fear they might be too "slow" since I have a high tolerance for slow movies...
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Just came to say that despite really hating the movie, there was no denying the visuals of Speed Racer. Have not seen anything like it.
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Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses (freaky, shocking, psychosexual, gorgeous)

Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter (pulpy, violent, humorous, lurid)
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Diving Bell and the Butterfly!
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It's hard to beat Powell and Pressburger for lush and beautiful (and the stories are good too).
Try The Red Shoes or Black Narcissus.
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I've been saving Speed Racer for a long long time.

The indominitable Cloud Atlas enjoying some of the same directors (Wachowski's) is visually lush, intellectually fast, very involved, and very long. Worth the investment.

By the third director of Cloud Atlas, German Tom Tykwer, is a tasty little number called Run, Lola, Run that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout it's quick running time (ha. "running time")

Yep. Almost anything Baz Lurhman.

Oooooo! I know!!

If you haven't seen True Romance - ENJOY :))
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nthing a lot of what was mentioned above, especially Tarsem's The Fall and Satoshi Kon's Paprika.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - I'm not saying it's a great film, but it is visually stunning.

One from the Heart by Francis Ford Coppola is shot on a soundstage with overtly theatrical effects. It's really beautiful to look at.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amélie comes to mind as does Sally Potter's Orlando (I don't remember whether that's slow or not though).

Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast ("La belle et la bête") is amazing.

You might take a look at Julie Taymor's work.
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Going off Mizu's Bollywood recs, if you're willing to try Bollywood, you could give Jodhaa Akbar, Devdas, or 7 Khoon Maaf a try.

I'm also a big fan of Roger Deakins' work as a cinematographer, and thought the latest Bond movie Skyfall was just gorgeous. I could take or leave the plot and all the James Bonding, but good lord, was it pretty.
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Black Narcissus
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
Last Life in the Universe
The Searchers
The Wind Will Carry Us
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I Am Love with Tilda Swinton is gorgeous.
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My go-to pretty movie is Hero. It's a "kung fu flick" so it's definitely not slow.
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Seconding Hero. Director Zhang Yimou has made some beautiful movies.
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agree that Hero is gorgeous. along those lines, if you haven't seen the most recent Wong Kar Wai film The Grandmaster it's also very beautiful.

have you seen Antonioni L'avventura?
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
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Luc Besson's catalogue is very pretty. The Fifth Element has already been mentioned, but all his films are very visual, and rarely slow, except for tension-building moments, that sort of thing.
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big hero 6 in theaters right now is pretty gorgeous. Also avatar is known for good visuals, but it does get slow in times.
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I recently saw what I felt was a Gorgeous bollywood movie called Ram-Leela. The script is a little weird at times, and I felt the male lead overacts a bit, but visual aspect kinda floored me and it's got great dancing. I don't know what the director did to make the colors and movements pop like that, but whatever it was it worked really well. I believe it won best picture in the Indian Movie Awards.
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Gravity, and check out this Reddit thread on cinematography. (Skip the Assassination of Jesse James. That movie is the definition of slow.)
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Very enthusiastically seconding The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
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