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Ok, I read this book as a kid even though it was not a kid's book. I assume it's a bit obscure. It's a western (I guess?) In that it's set in the desert with a cowboy, but it's not a cowboy book. The story, from what I remember, involves an old, frail but strong cow who has just given birth and her stand-off to death with an old, frail but strong mother wolf or coyote and her cubs in the desert.

The story follows the animals teaching their young as the coyboy watches the death match between the two and doesn't stop it. The impression I have now is that he allowed the fight to continue to the end out of a kind of respect or awe, but I'm not really sure now. The book was illustrated with simple sketches (by the author?) and I remember some of the drawings- primarily, a drawing of the sun and a drawing of a cow skull. Though again, who knows.

I remember particularly one scene where the cow is beginning to dehydrate as she waits for a safe opportunity to get water. I also seem to remember a scene where the wolf or coyote remembers having been caught in barbed wire. It was a short novel, very spare and somewhat brutal, but I remember it being quite beautiful too. Anyone?
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Response by poster: Found it: the one-eyed sky by Max Evans.
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