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What are good, free sites on the internet where I can create a personal profile that allows me to log in and see my internet favorites, possibly store files, that are accessible from anywhere on the net?
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For the first, For the latter,
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You could do all this with Google's personalized home (or Yahoo's, or MSN's.) Store files by Gmailing them to yourself.

I use Backpack for this stuff, actually, but it's not optimal.
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Furl let's you add favorites. It stores a copy of the page on their server, so you can access it from anywhere, even if the page is no longer available.
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Try Blinklist.
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In fact, there is a program called GDisk that allows your computer to recognize your GMail account as a virtual drive. (And Gmail Drive Extension for Windows users.)
See Lifehacker for all the juicy details.
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I use netvouz to store a copy of my bookmarks online, which I can tag and browse as I wish. Plus it does public/private bookmarks, and categories.
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I have tried all of these new Web 2.0 sites that do these things and have yet to find one that beats Yahoo! ... Yahoo gives you a bookmark manager, a notepad, calendar, storage space for files, Fickr, customized news headlines, movie theaters, TV listings, MyWeb (like, etc. Of course, it's all free. I love My Yahoo!

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I'm a big fan of FarFetch for web-based bookmarking. [Full disclosure: I like it so much I married the man who wrote it.] I also have some insider information: a whole bunch of nifty new GTD-friendly features are about to be released.
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Foldershare looks promising
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I second what klangklangston said.
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