Stuff needlepointers (who also like horses) like
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Needlepointers/embroiderers of MeFi: what do you like, gift-wise? Especially if you like horses, too.

Talented craftspeople: I'm in search of a really great present for a person who loves both embroidery and horses. I've been trying to find some kind of kickass vintage 1930s-type embroidery pattern for her, but really don't know the first thing about what to buy. Any hints on what to get and where to get it? Or other ideas? As an embroiderer, what do you like people to get you, gift-wise? Sometimes hobby-related gifts can be such swings and misses.
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I think the best option for gifting to crafters these days may be an Etsy gift card. There are a zillion shops on there selling all different kinds of craft supplies -- fabric, floss, patterns, etc.

If you REALLY want to get a cute 1930s-style horse pattern, though, maybe even as an extra to add to something like a gift card, they have them over at PatternBee. (I've bought from her before and had a good experience.) There are also some options at Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha but I personally think the PatternBee ones are cuter.

If you do buy a pattern, I'd buy as an iron-on transfer pattern if you have the option -- people who who prefer transferring another way can use an iron-on pattern with another method like a lightbox (by skipping the ironing step), but people w/o a lightbox are kind of out of luck with a non-iron-on transfer.
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136,000+ results on Etsy for handmade and horse.
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Anything by Sajou

Wm Booth, Draper has historically accurate needlework tools, kits and patterns

If you have $350 to blow, here is a gorgeous antique horseshoe chatelaine.
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I had a canvas painted to order from a vintage citrus label....I'm sure you can do it with a picture of a horse.
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I would personally prefer really, really nice tools. For example, ghinger embroidery scissors or an ott light or a beautiful handmade needlecase or a vintage jockey needlecase or a handmade laying tool.
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Unless you are really certain you know what type of needlework she's into (that is, what style and techniques, as there are bajillions), I wouldn't try to get supplies or a pattern. I think tools are a safer bet . . . maybe look for some fancy antique scissors or a needle case? Gold-plated needles are nice, but again, you'd need to know what kind of embroidery she's doing to know what needles to get. A nice lamp is always helpful, or maybe a pretty frame for a finished embroidery project.

As a needlework person, my dream gift is a needlework retreat, but that would be pretty lavish. A cheaper version of that might be a coupon for your babysitting or errand-running services, so that she would have some uninterrupted time to work on her project. That might be a nice accompaniment to an Etsy gift card, as I know gift cards can come across as impersonal.
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