A jacket for talking fast and drinking coffee.
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A friend is looking for the jacket Rory wears in several episodes of Gilmore Girls S2. It looks like this.

As you'll see, it has a plain front and lapels like a blazer, not like a regular jean jacket. We think it's dark purple or blue corduroy with a sherpa fleece lining, but would also accept dark-wash denim. Extra credit: shopping either online or in the Denver metro area.
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Is your friend looking for a blazer, or that specific jacket? Because that jacket doesn't look like a blazer at all to me.

That's a really popular style of coat from the 90s. I wish I knew the name, but I remember a zillion iterations of it pretty much everywhere back then. The corduroy and sherpa is unusual in that style, though.

I think it's going to be hard to find a coat identical to this new, because it's sort of a mashup of two styles that were very popular at the time but not really in style right now. But you could dig in thrift stores and find something close, or possibly even the same coat. I feel like mid-to-late 90's is the era of most of what's sitting at Salvation Army these days, anyway.

If you were looking for something new:

Urban Outfitters recently had this jacket, which is sort of a riff on the sherpa/corduroy thing that is more of a blazer style and less specifically similar to the coat in the photo. Not sure it was ever available in any color besides the cognac one in the photo. You could probably find this coat on ebay or maybe at one of those Buffalo Exchange type places that sells gently used fashion forward secondhand clothes.

I found this on Alibaba Express. It's more akin to the anorak type coats that are in right now as opposed to the tailored look of the coat in the photo, though.

This jacket from Theory has a similar tailoring style to the coat in the photo, but it's not strictly identical.

Etsy is worth searching (terms to use would be "sherpa jacket"), but you'll have to dig past all the classic denim/bomber styles to find something closer to what you're looking for.
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I think a friend had that same jacket in college circa 2002 or so -- it would have been from either Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. this is close! (but marked sold on etsy)
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GAP has something similar in plaid. It's possible that they did the same style in other colors in the past; you might find something on ebay.

Ooh. Here's a size small, brown version from LLBean. (Used, but it might help with ebay searches.)
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You are looking for an Earl Jean Shearling Jean Jacket. Here is one on Ebay- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Womens-SML-S-EARL-JEANS-Faux-Fur-Lined-Jean-Jacket-Winter-Coat-Button-Down-EUC-/361123236041
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Similar styles:
Nordstrom 1
Nordstrom 2

Asos 1
Asos 2
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She's right about it being Earl Jeans brand. I think it's a corduroy, though, similar to this one. (Unfortunately, that one already sold at Etsy.)
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