Comfortable floor seating for tall adult?
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My husband is 6'0 and often finds himself playing a board game/building a Lego masterpiece/watching a video on the floor with the kids. Although he is quite slim and fit, he has a history of spinal fusion and it is very uncomfortable for him to sit on the floor for long periods. We have a few seat cushions that he can use, but these don't provide enough support. Hivemind, what kind of seating should I be looking for?

Husband has often reminisced fondly about the bean bag chairs of his youth...does anyone have experience with one of these that is (really and truly) suitable for a tall adult with chronic back problems? What about those gaming rockers, are those supportive? Whatever kind of seating I buy should ideally be portable, since floor activities usually happen in a kid's room or our bonus/rec room. Online or brick and mortar retailers (we are in the southeast US) okay. My husband is a great dad who loves getting down on the floor and playing with his kids, even though he suffers later...can you help me save his back?
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Meditation cushions. They push your bum up just enough and tip your pelvis. So comfortable.
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Maybe a long shot, but long ago I took the legs off an armchair and set it down on the floor. I loved that chair. He might use it to rest between more active play sessions.
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Best answer: I am 6'1", slender, and play on the floor with my little baby frequently despite a bad back, too, so I feel your husband's pain here.

I use something like this camp chair. When you lean back, your lower back is well supported. It's pretty comfortable. And, since it's made for camping, very portable.

Depending on the model you buy, it may or may not have a metal frame. The ones with a metal frame could damage your floor if you don't put something under it. The all fabric kind should be fine.
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It's on the spendy side, but the Togo chair is both a classic and extremely comfy:
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I use the howda seat.
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The Nada Chair is essentially straps that go around your knees and connect to a back support; surprisingly expensive, but easy to store, lightweight, unobtrusive, and useful for sitting in chairs also. (I have one in black but haven't used it in a while; I have no idea why the photos all seem to show that one lady using a pink one).
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Best answer: We had several "back jack" chairs in my house growing up and they're great. Strong support, can flip them over to lying instead of sitting support, really portable, and they sort of stack out of the way if you get multiple of them. Not vouching for that seller, only the chair.
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Best answer: My brother and his wife are serious video gamers, and they have these sumo sacs that they sit on instead of the couch behind them, so they seem great.
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Response by poster: So many terrific suggestions! I'm researching them all, but the ones I favorited are the strongest contenders. Love y'all. :)
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