Christmas Present for a Trip to Lisbon?
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My family is taking a trip to Lisbon in May! We are very excited. What present can I get my mother to make this trip even better for her? Looking especially for specific tours or tickets although other ideas will be considered.

My mother has been to Lisbon before (her father is from Lisbon originally so they went when she was a kid and she's been within the last five or six years) and we're covered on the basics like guidebooks and tickets to the major museums &c. I'm looking for something she may not have considered that would be extra special, not just a generic pass to all the museums or anything like that, useful as it may be. We don't have an unlimited budget but we also want this to be something clearly thoughtful. Things that might be helpful:

1) She doesn't drink
2) She likes food/cheese
3) She likes historical architecture, especially religious historical architecture
4) She and I went to Madrid together last year and went to some Arabic baths which we really enjoyed -- something like that would be great
5) As mentioned previously, her family is from Lisbon but I don't really know anything about it beyond that (my grandfather died when I was two)

My whole family (Mom, Dad, my husband, my brother, his girlfriend, and I) will be going so I would be open to things for just my Mom (and ideally Dad too) or my Mom and other parts of the group.

I'll try to respond if people have questions -- thanks so much for your help!
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How long is the trip going to be? If it's a couple weeks or something of similar magnitude, maybe the airfare for a two-day side trip to Marrakesh or Carcasonne or Mont Saint-Michel or something of that sort could be nice - a quick, nearby destination you can get easyJet-level fares to. (similar low-cost airlines)
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I recommend Different Portugal tours. Felipe the owner is awesome and if one of his premade tours doesn't fit your groups needs he will customize to you. Our day with him was by far our best in Lisbon. They also do tours to areas outside of Lisbon as well.
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Tickets to a traditional fado concert or dinner/fado evening is a nice idea. Fado is a traditional folk music that is popular in the area. My grandfather (in his 60s) did this and loved it.
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Another vote for fado night, or maybe side trips to Sintra or Coimbra.
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