how do you secure a christmas lawn ornament to the ground?
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How do you secure a Christmas lawn ornament to the ground? I'm talking about the plastic 40 inch high decorations, like the Santa Clauses, and Mrs. Clauses and snowmen.

My region is very windy and I want to secure them to the ground, or maybe make them heavier, but it's different from the inflatables that have straps and have something to hold onto an anchor of some kind. The plastic mold decorations are trickier and I don't have any ideas.

Thank you.
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Drill small holes in them, run loops of string throug and stake them?
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If there's a smooth flat surface on the bottom, can you glue a loop of webbing to the bottom and drive a peg through the webbing loop? Hot glue or even caulk would probably work just fine.

Also, is the goal to keep the decoration upright in windy conditions, or are you okay with it flopping over or moving a bit as long as it stays in your yard?
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Around here they drill a hole in the back about 2 inches above the bottom, and fill the thing with sand. They won't go anywhere.
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