How many times *has* Eli Roth died on film?
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Eli Roth seems to be secretly going for the world record for the number of times someone can die on screen - but it's so secret that it's not even in IMDB. How else can I find all of Eli Roth's uncredited deaths?

Nerdist is saying that John Hurt is the actor who's died the most in movies, but looking at the list, I noticed that Eli Roth isn't even in their calculations.

And I've been shocked at the number of films that Eli Roth has appeared in just to die (SOUTHLAND TALES, PIRANHA 3D) - often uncredited (which I suspect is what's throwing the numbers off).

Yes, I've tried Googling it, and even IMDB is missing some obvious ones. But there has to be someone more obsessed with, "Hey, Eli Roth was in that too!" than me, right?
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Did you search the Cinemorgue wiki? Roth's page.
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