Software for a funerary photo/video slideshow
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What are the best Windows 7 applications for making a respectful slideshow for a funeral? I'm thinking there will be mostly pictures, but some video may be included as well. For now I'm thinking I won't be including music in the slideshow, but I'd still like to hear about software with music functionality as well.
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Response by poster: Forgot to add one thing: I'd like to have this slideshow exported in a couple ways since I don't know which will be easiest once I get to the funeral home. So, I'm thinking DVD, MPEG4 file, MPEG2file , WMV file etc.

As far as cost I'd like to keep it under $50.
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I've always built these in PowerPoint. They can be exported with their own viewer, so the file can be opened on any computer regardless of its' software.
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Best answer: I've used Google Picasa for this in the past

Random tutorial

It's been a long time, but from what I recall, you can save it in a variety of formats so you should have no problem playing it back on random computers.
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Best answer: At the funerals that I've been to lately, the funeral home had their own computer system and I just provided a thumb drive with the pictures and movies (Mpeg4) and they put that in their system which had the video feed to the television in one of the rooms. I had also brought music, but decided to just choose a channel on their pandora-like (or maybe actually pandora) music system.

If you go this route - be sure to bring a duplicate thumb drive. At my mother's funeral the system couldn't read the first thumb drive, but the second one worked fine.
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Best answer: I think your best answer is Windows Movie Maker, which would create a single WMV file that could be played with Windows Media Player.

It's very easy to have a mix of stills and videos, and to include background music.

If WMV isn't an acceptable format, it would be easy to convert it to others using Handbrake.
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