More like Insomnia, please!
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I just re-watched the 2002 film Insomnia. It was (still) great, and now I'd like recommendations for more things like it.

Obviously, the 1997 Norwegian original is at the top of my list. Here are some of the aspects I'm especially interested in:

- constant daylight and/or constant darkness, especially if it has a psychological effect on the characters
- insomnia and the mental degradation it causes
- an increasing sense of paranoia and tension

The settings don't have to be Arctic or Antarctic. I'm interested in any genre of film and both fiction and non-fiction writing. Thanks!
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You might like the BBC series Wallander which has Kenneth Branagh as the cop-with-problems who is trying to solve crimes as he increasingly has trouble sleeping and his life falls apart. Takes place in Sweden, in English. There is the original Swedish series but i haven't seen it.
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After Hours is a black comedy and I haven't seen it in a long time, but I remember the tension and paranoia building.

The Machinist is pretty grim, but compelling.
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Smilla's Sense of Snow. And yes the Wallander series-- the Swedish one is good too.
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Mainly based on atmospheric tension, my suggestion is the Last Policeman series by Ben Winters. There are crime story / paranoid thriller elements, and the setting yields a constant looming sense of dread with increasing psychological effects and sometimes bleak scenery.
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Not really the same genre, but Let the Right One In is filmed in northern Sweden and I remember the near-constant night being a very effective element.
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The Insult, by Rupert Thomson.
Don't Read This Book.
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Maybe Lucid?
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