My raven-like writing desk
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Fancy-desk question! Can you help me determine if a blotter/desk pad is right for me?

So I've got a really nice desk here that is being liberated. I'm getting a desk specifically for my computer later today from Staples (to keep from getting sidetracked on the Internet while doing research at my regular desk), and while I'm there, I'm thinking about picking up a desk pad/blotter. I thought that this one (1, 2) was the nicest when I was in Staples the other day. I think I saw the smaller of the two (I remember it being about $25), but they both have the transparent cover sheet that you can lift and slide things under (which seems easy to clean). It looks nice, but I haven't really done any research. I'm still not sure I wouldn't rather have one with sheets of paper I can make notes on (I make little notes ALL. THE. TIME. But is replacement paper expensive/hard to find?). I'm a student and a writer, and I occasionally like to work with paper and [fountain!] pen (the pen fetish is another for another ask.time). The desk I'd be using for my non-computer tasks is a very nice black affair, with lots of space (like this, but about twice as big and not quite so ornate). I'd like to keep it nice for years to come. I also think that once my computer equipment is off of it, a blotter would be a nice accent. Will it be of use to me? Are there better blotters out there for the money? I know there are a lot of designers on MeFi; I'd love to hear your MePinions.
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Eideteker - That second picture is nice!

I just recently bought a Nice Desk. It's an L-shape, with hutch on one side. I only wish I could have somewhere else for my computer. Anyway... I had wanted a nice pad/blotter, but couldn't find one at a reasonable price (everything was >$100). So I settled on one, also from Staples, that is simply a piece of plastic. Can barely be seen, but offers some protection to the writing surface.

So... I have nothing more to offer. Except to say that the blotters with the replacable pads might be a problem finding replacements in the future. So, maybe get a standard blotter, and a nice holder for small notes.

And by the way, there are a few threads in AskMe on fountain pens.
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Response by poster: What's fun is I write with a fountain pen... and I'm left-handed! If that's not living on the edge, I don't know what is. Thanks for the links.
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Best thing to potect a desk is a sheet of glass cut to size to cover the desk. You can still put notes, phone lists, contacts etc. under it and you can write directly on it with overhead markers then wipe off with a damp cloth. I'd bet fountain ink would wipe right off. Fairly cheap too.

It won't be much of an accent[1], but it'll protect it better than anything else.

[1]You could get the bottom side of the glass etched or sand blasted with a pattern or phrase or just your intials, that might be kind of cool.
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Response by poster: Sounds cool, but also more expensive than a blotter.
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And potentially dangerous. What if I dropped something on it? Yikes!
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I have found over the years the best is the cheep blotters sold at office max -- are about $2.50 and come in a nice size and have a calendar as well. Each month has a couple of coupons on it. I had the glass ones -- didn't like the writing texture, had the expensive ones with paper that was hard to find or very expensive to replace. Good luck...
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OH -- forgot -- you replace them yearly with another inexpensive calendar...Orlin
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Not to be obsessive about it -- but I know a number of people who use the calendar as a planner and take them to meetings to pencil in future meetings and events.
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And potentially dangerous. What if I dropped something on it? Yikes!

Well, obviously, it'd be made out of tempered glass. Had a tempered glass coffee table once. The salesman at the furniture store bounced a tape measure off it to demonstrate its sturdiness.
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