Ideas for a gift for your therapist
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Assume first that it's appropriate for our particular relationship. I got her something last year--sort of a small $15 Christmas-themed funny sign thing that was connected to something we talked about one time. But this year I can't think of a single thing. Which may mean I shouldn't get her anything, but I'd still be grateful for any ideas you have. Thank you!
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I feel like food is always the answer here. Nice/interesting chocolate, cheese, or maybe a spice gift box from Penzeys (they have a few in the $15-20 range) if she likes to cook. Thoughtful without the potential of crossing any inappropriate boundaries, and once she uses it, it's gone - which for my money, is super important in a gift if you don't necessarily know what someone wants.
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A small, easy to care for plant is another good option.
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I feel like food is always the answer here.

Speaking as someone with various dietary restrictions and food sensitivities, food items are pretty much always not good gifts for me. You just never know what people CAN eat, nor do you know what they ENJOY eating.

Do you ever see them with a coffee cup from a specific coffee place? (Tim Horton's, Starbucks, whatever). A gift certificate for that would work.

or a plant is generally safe.
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A card with a heartfelt message about how she's helped you.
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From the World's Smallest Post, itty-bitty package with a compass and a message "Where would I be without you?". Handmade in Berkeley, California.
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Where I live, a fancy, small bottle of olive oil or some other fancy thing works pretty well. If the person doesn't like it, they regift it. SOMEONE'S going to like it, and it's the thought that counts.
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Pointsettia or other flowering plant - bulbs for forcing are nice, like an amaryllis.
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I gave my therapist a wooden tissue box holder when she opened her own practice. She had a decorative pillow with a music box in it that played "Memoeries" which she said was a gift from some one else. She seemed to like both of these.
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FWIW, I hate it when ppl give me plants. Then I have to find a spot for their (ongoing) gift, care for their gift, possibly buy a pot for their gift.

Nice tea, if she drinks it? Or coffee beans? Or food of a bland nature, like olive oil, is nice.
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