Ideas for chapter book series?
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I am a bookmobile librarian and the majority of my patrons are kids wanting chapter books. I have a variety of series that I try to keep current: The Littles, Junie B, Magic Tree, Goosebumps, Hank the Cowdog, Flat Stanley, Warriors, Star Wars, American Girl, Rainbow Fairies. Are there any other series you would suggest? Thanks a bunch hivemind!
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Ivy & Bean, Ramona (the Pest, the Brave, etc), the Narnia series, Captain Underpants, Catwings!
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All of a Kind Family
Henry Reed
Little House
Besty and Tacy
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Daniel Boom
Ivy and Bean
Ranger's Apprentice
Brotherhood Chronicles
Septimus Heap
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Warrior Cats
Percy Jackson
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American Chillers is popular around my house.
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Boxcar Children
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The Time Warp Trio series
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Saddle Club
Babysitters Club
Mysterious Benedict Society
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Cam Jansen
Amelia Bedelia
Encyclopedia Brown
Nate the Great
How to Train Your Dragon
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Most popular MG chapter book series in the elementary school library where I volunteer:
Ranger's Apprentice
Ivy & Bean
Calvin & Hobbes
The Name of this Book is Secret (series)
Gregor the Overlander
Geronimo Stilton
Harry Potter
Elephant and Piggie
Percy Jackson
Mike Lupica's sports books
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
Origami Yoda series
anything by James Patterson
anything by Kate Klise but especially the Dying to Meet You series
Dork Diaries
Princess Academy series
39 Clues series
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Animorphs for sure.
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Mrs Piggle Wiggle
Judy Blume's Fudge books
Paula Danziger's Amber Brown "
Anne of Green Gables
the Black Stallion books.....
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Many of the above plus
The Magic School Bus chapter books
The Secrets of Droon series, by Tony Abbott
Magic Pickle, by Scott Morse
Missile Mouse by Jake Parker
Franny K. Stein by Jim Benton
And mostly, the Moongobble and Me series by Bruce Coville, a hilarious series about an inept wizard and his much brighter companion, a young boy, which is so dear to me that even though my kids are too old for them, I can't bring myself to give them away.
For a one-off, I highly recommend Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman, a spectacular take on Norse mythology.
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Tamora Pierce's books, for slightly older than Rainbow Fairies kids
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I'm a librarian too. The following are pretty popular:

Beast Quest series by Adam Blade
seconding the Geronimo Stilton (the kids love the fonts used)
Enid Blyton's stuff (Secret 7, Famous 5 etc)

Not sure if you can get this where you are, but the Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series by James Lee is also much beloved.

Also, I know you asked for chapter books, but the Asterix comic books are generally a hit too.
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Are you talking like ages 5-12? I ask because by us, "chapter books" are short little books like the Magic Tree House series while things like Warriors are considered something else.

Anyway, Nancy Clancy is an older Fancy Nancy; that's very popular around here.
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Secret Agent Jack Stalwart (think James Bond for the early to mid-elementary set).
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Dear America
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The Sisters Eight
The Mysterious Benedict Society
Nikki & Deja
Geronimo Stilton (and Thea Stilton)
books by Andrew Clements (not a series, but kind of read like one)
Harry Potter (yes, it's still popular enough to merit having)
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Redwall series
Silverwing series
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series
--all were loved by my sons
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Heidi Heckelbeck (good for early readers -- my 6 y.o. loves 'em)
Clementine (wonderful! also early elementary)
Critter Club
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I just checked in a foot high stack of Geronimo and Thea and maybe another Cousin Stilton books. From the looks of the kids at the shelves right now, I will be checking out a similar stack in a few minutes b
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Judy Moody
Encyclopedia Brown
Emily Windsnap
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Many of Eva Ibbotson's books aren't in a series but the same characters pop up in them.
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Melvin Beederman, Superhero (so great)
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Boxcar Children

and for a little older crowd, the Redwall books.

Just putting in my vote for those my granddaughter loved to read.
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Herbie Jones
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