NYC laptop repair.
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NYC computer repair: can anyone recommend a reliable place I can take my sickly laptop to get its power connector fixed? Bonus points for someplace in Manhattan.

I found a place through google but when I got there, the office kind of freaked me out - it was all just piles of cardboard boxes and squirrely Russians and I didn't want to leave my baby there. Was hoping maybe someone had a personal recommendation. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Oh, it's a PC - fujitsu, to be precise.
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If you don't mind paying a fair amount extra, you can takeit to CompUSA's service centers. The one by Columbus Circle has it on the lower floor, the one on 5th and um upper 30s also has one.

I guess even Best Buy's "Geek Squad" might be able to help, but they charge $100/hour or something equally ridiculous.

Frankly since it is a power connector on the laptop, they'll just try bending the prongs outwards a bit to allow it to grip the male portion a bit better. Besides that I doubt they'll be able to replace that portion. For that you most likely need to contact Compaq and ask for their authorised service centers in NYC. (I'm guessing it is out of warranty)
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Fujitsu? The previous question said it was a Compaq no! :)
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Fujitsu doesn't officially sell computers in the US, so you've pretty much got to rely on third party repair centers such as CompUSA or Best Buy.
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Uh nevermind, I found the Americas section. Sorry about that.
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Response by poster: Yeah, the other question was about a compaq - it was just a similar sort of thing. But in my case, it's clear the problem is internal and can't be fixed by such excellent mcgyverisms as nail polish or bending the prongs. CompUSA sounds great as it is v near me. I didn't know they had service centers.
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Just out of curiosity, what exactly is it doing? I have a Fujitsu laptop also. The power cord can be plugged in and while sitting still, will show that it is charging, but move the machine around a bit (i.e. it's in your lap), and it swaps off and on from charging to not charging. I'm worried it might be the female internal connector has come slightly loose from the motherboard.
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I have had a very bad experience with the Best Buy geek squad. . .I have found that if there is a problem, they just stonewall and keep your money. It looks like you found a Fujitsu service center. .I hope that they can fix it without telling you that you need a new motherboard. . .
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Response by poster: Striker - that's exactly what's going on. And the problem just gets worse. It used to be that I could just move the plug a little and it wouldn't stop charging for days. But now I have to fiddle every few minutes, even when I haven't moved the machine.
(I tried emailing the fujitsu service center some months ago and they said they couldn't help me because there was some glitch that failed to recognize my serial number or something. All I wanted was a recommendation for where to take it in to be fixed.)
I guess I'll try CompUSA if no one has a better idea. And striker, I'll let you know what happened.
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Some people have used epoxy or toothpicks, strategically placed, to lessen the wiggle. It seems to be not an uncommon thing.
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Dear CunningLinguist, the two computer repair places I use are:

Safenet Computer
9 West 29th Street

My experience with them is that they are extremely reliable, affordable and swift. Mostly they do repairs for local Korean businesses. Owner is Korean, not such good English on phone or in person but trustworthy and intelligent. Near R train on 28th and Bway.


Much more funky, rough 'n tough Chinese operation, dirt cheap parts and gear, way affordable repairs and in biz a long time, which is, I suppose, a sign they are reliable. Right near Grand Central and I would imagine they do a lot of biz and know their stuff.

PC Experts
459 Lexington Avenue @E 45th St
Floor 2
New York, NY (New York) 10017-3156
Phone: (212) 818-0789

Hope that helps, get better soon wishes to your PC.
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Response by poster: Hey Nicky, thanks so much! That's just what I was looking for!
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Oh YAYY dear CunningLinguist. As I'm sure you know each computer has its own needs and each repair place has their specific abilities. It can be hard to find a match between computer and repair person. I hope either of these two places is able to help you.

Craigslist is also a source of computer repairs.

From your profile I see you're a neighbor here in Hell's Kitchen. There are several computer repair guys in our hood. What I'd suggest, other than the two places I recommended, is to post a flyer in the Coffee Pot on the corner of 49th and Ninth Ave near the bathroom where there are usually a whole bunch of flyers, with a request for a computer person familiar with your type of PC.

Good luck and would love to hear what worked best for you.
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Hi again CunningLinguist,
Just ran into the local laptop repair brainiac of the hood at the laundromat and, drat, I forgot to get his number, which he gave me a while ago but I lost. His name is Errol and his customers come to him at 721 Ninth Avenue, next to the Duane Reade on the corner of 49th and Ninth Ave. Ring the buzzer for M. Heyde.
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Googled Erol, here's his info (He also runs tour groups for Germans):

Erol's New York
721 Ninth Avenue, # 2B
New York, NY 10019
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