No I'm not interested in saving energy dammit!
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I'm looking for a TED Talk about people who bring things to the party vs. leeches, both on line and in the real world (I'm pretty sure I got the link here). Now I'd REALLY like to refer someone to it but I can't, for the life of me, find it. And that makes me sad.

Once upon a time someone posted a link to a TED Talk where they guy started by talking about a college student getting in trouble for running a study group via social media and the university calling it cheating despite the fact that students had been doing that very thing in person for years. Then he neatly examined everyone's point of view and observed that in person, if you show up, never contribute and just suck up homework answers, everyone is going to get sick of your shit and stop telling you where the next one is going to be vs. on line where you can just lurk.

And then he got to the meat of his talk - that if you want to accomplish anything with a group, you need a certain effort barrier - something that is not too much of an impediment to someone who is going to bring something positive to the part, but isn't worth it to someone who is just going to suck of resources, or, worse still, derail things. I distinctly remember the phrases "stop energy" and "start energy" but every combination of those and other likely search terms gets me information on oil exploration and stellar luminosity.

If anyone knows where this is, I'd really like to go back and favorite the hell out of it!
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I also vaguely recall this story. I thought I heard it on Planet Money but couldn't find the right episode. I did turn up this specific incident of a student at Ryerson University who got in trouble for running an online study group:

Maybe that will help you further...
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Yeah, that's definitely the story he opened with. Maybe I'm totally off base about it being a TED talk.
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I think if you google Clay Shirky and Ryerson you might find the talk you're looking for.
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Feets, I love you!!!!
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Note that there's a long and a short version. Googling shows the latter. here's the long version
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