History books of the Pac NW
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What are the best history (non-fiction) books concerned with the Oregon Territory, the Pacific Northwest, Washington State, the Puget Sound region, or Seattle?
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An Oregonian college friend of mine is fond of Fire at Eden's Gate, which is a biography of the late Gov. Tom McCall.
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Skid Road
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This is a small book but Sento at Sixth and Main (referencing the bath house at the Panama Hotel which was the center of Japanese life in Seattle prior to WWII) is a beautiful history of Japanese Americans in Seattle. More of an art project (though non-fiction) than just a published history. I've also read Skid Road, it's very good. Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915 is another personal favorite.
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Across the Olympic Mountains: The Press Expedition 1889-90 is a great read about a forgotten time on the Olympic Peninsula.
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I've heard that Sons of the Profits: There's No Business Like Grow Business. The Seattle Story, 1851-1901 is fantastic (according to my aunt who used to live in Seattle) but I can not personally vouch.
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I liked Seattle: Past To Present. It can be a little dry in places (hah!), but it is interesting, and goes into detail about events and people that other histories do not. I believe he wrote it as part of a thesis.

On Preview: Sons of the Profits is very entertaining as well, but more lightweight.
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i'll vouch for "Sons of the Profits," for Seattle history. it's dated, not rigorous, and in no way academic or serious, but it is entertaining as hell.
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Lukas' Big Trouble is about the bomb assassination of the former governor of Idaho in 1905 and the attempt to convict the IWW leadship of the killing.

Historylink.org is a super useful resource as well (link to article on another Wobbly conflict event, the Centralia massacre). It actually grows directly out of Speidel's pop-history approach, which was taken up locally by writers in the seventies with longer hair and a higher affinity for sandals such as the sainted Paul Dorpat.
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Bernard DeVoto's "Across the Wide Missouri" and "The Year of Decision: 1846" deal (in part) with the Oregon Territory, and also happen to be amazing and wonderful books.
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Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915 is a fabulous book, and as well as being very entertaining, gets to the roots of some otherwise very puzzling aspects of contemporary politics and culture around here like nothing else I am aware of.
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