I need a lot of "The Moth" without too much hassle
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My partner is addicted to "The Moth Radio Hour", and I'd like to get her an MP3 player and load it up with older episodes. What is the simplest and cheapest way that I can get a pile of them all at once? I'm digging around, but not having any luck coming up with a good solution so far.
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Well, there's not a (legit) list of direct-downloadable MP3s anywhere that I can find. Like many other public radio shows, they post shows online inside a "Listen" widget instead.

However, if you're getting your partner an iOS device, the show's official app promises "Download any story for offline listening."
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Q: Do you have an archive of past Moth performances that are available on iTunes? / Is there any way to purchase old podcasts? / I deleted a previous podcast and would like to re-download it.

A: We do not have a full archive of our podcast stories on iTunes, but you can purchase many stories on our Best of The Moth series on iTunes or on physical CDs at our online store. Many additional stories are available for streaming on our website. You can also download our mobile app.
It sounds like you can listen to older episodes on their app, you might try that.
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Best answer: I've been keeping copies of the podcast for the last few years on a hard drive. I'd have to check how many eps I have. Memail me, and let's see if we can't get them over to you.
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The best I've been able to find so far is this archive at WNYC, but it only goes back about 8 months.
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