Best mp3/headphones combo for Dad?
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My mid-60s Dad really wants an mp3 player and headphones. All three of us kids are going to go in together for this present so we have a decent budget (up to $300 for both together). His must have is that either the headphones or the mp3 player should have a built-in FM receiver. What's best these days? (More inside has some potentially helpful details)

* Dad is klutzy and will probably use this while doing some working out and also around the house.

* He can't use in-ear earbuds (they're very uncomfortable for him and seem to fall out a lot) and wants really comfy headphones. He has some minor age-related hearing loss so the headphones should be able to account for that.

* Dad loves his iPad but he does have to upsize the print so the text is about 3/4 inch big, so I'm not sure if a nano will work for him. Will it?

* He's decently tech savvy and has my mom who's very savvy and brother nearby so any initial setup or occasional maintenance isn't an issue.
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I bought these recently (Sony MDR-7506) and love love love them. I've always hated headphones of all types, particularly ear-buds and now I wear these almost all day. Seriously one of the best purchases I've ever made. Plus they're only 85 bucks now, leaving a nice amount for the player too. Don't just take my word for it either!
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Does he prefer a "on-ear" or "over-ear" design of headphones?

On-ears are more portable especially if he intends to get work done with them on but I find over-ears to be more comfortable for prolonged listening.
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Response by poster: He'd prefer an over-ear headphone. This is definitely a comfortable over everything else experience.
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The Sansa Clip line of players is a dedicated audio player (no video, no apps) with excellent audio quality. Its screen may be too small though.
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