An old, swirly, variable-line-weight type of font question.
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I like this font rather a lot, and would like to find a decently high resolution version for a small project. Don't need ttf files, but do need letters too!

I'm making a deck of cards for fun with some friends, and we ran across a typeface that we really like - but it's just a low-ish picture of the numerals (and thus missing the necessary A K Q J).

What fonts come close to this style? We like the combination of swirly bits and pointy bits, the variable line spacing, the funny looking 2, and are typographic ignoramuses who are having trouble further specifying what we like. Ideas?
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So, to give you some more knowledge to help in your own searching, this kind of font is a modern serif. The characteristics of modern fonts: (as outlined in that link)
1. High and abrupt contrast between thick and thin strokes;
2. Abrupt (unbracketed) hairline (thin) serifs
3. Vertical axis
4. Horizontal stress
5. Small aperture
The problem with this being that people also like to say things are modern when they're new, and new fonts are the exact opposite (san serif, all the same line weight, etc.)

That font is almost %100 guaranteed to be custom. But here are some random fonts I found that you guys might like:
Giacinta Ornate (Spurs, not swirls. and the line weight doesn't vary, but it's still fun)
LHF Signmaker
Antique Shop
Hamilton Ornate
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What fonts come close to this style?

Look for neighbors of Bodoni that have the custom details you like.
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Vtks Lovers is not exactly the same but does have some pointy & curly elements.

Or maybe Hilda Sonnenschein.

Tyrfing maybe but I find it a bit hard to read.

Penelope would make cool playing cards but doesn't look like it has numbers.

Chaillot is pretty nice.

Good luck! Sounds like a cool project.

(FirstMateKate, that Letterhead Fonts website is beautiful!)
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Here are a few that you may like:

Acta Display





Lust Slim

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The word you want is "didone" and cool free ones include many already mentioned, plus:

Pistilli Roman

K22 Didoni

Fette Bauersche Antiqua

Or if you have a little money to spend, you might like the more fanciful

Pauline Didone

Model 4F

Domani CP

That swirly 2 is sui generis though. I've never seen a revival of quite that form.
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