Where do I get a life-sized bigfoot or yeti without breaking the bank?
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Suppose a person wanted to acquire/make a life-sized bigfoot or yeti like this one... without spending the $10-20,000 it would take to have a professional soft structure artist create one? Creative ideas encouraged.

I contacted the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, ME; the Director there wrote me back a very detailed response about theirs, which is where I got the above $20,000 figure. I'm not averse to spending money, just not that kind of money.
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Put a mannequin in a Big Foot costume?
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I'm not sure how lifelike is lifelike enough, but if you could rent a serious costume from a serious costume place and put it on a mannequin, would that do? I would imagine that would be cheaper. There are even inflatable mannequins that will cost you under $50, though obviously aren't as pose-able as proper store mannequins. You might even be able to rent a mannequin, too.
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Skymall has a life-sized yeti garden statue for $2250.
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Building a skeletal frame out of wood and pvc pipe is not hard and doesn't need to be done super exactly, which is nice. Plus you can adjust the proportions to make it more monstrous. You can use flag pole brackets for joints you will want to pose. You can pad out the body with some eggfoam mattress topper from Walmart (12 bucks).

A costume may be your best (and most frugal) choice for the body. Look into Chewbacca costumes. You'll need to take a knife to it, of course, as you'll need to make your own face and feet. Off the top of my head, the face could be made with another mask that was sealed (from the inside) and then filled with expanding foam. Again, you don't need to be super exact as it's only the face of the mask you want whole and you'll need to repaint it anyways (prime with spray rubber). Hands could be done the same way using monster costume gloves (use wire in the fingers to make them adjustable, bulk out with wrapped tape.

The feet would be a problem because they're something that people would look. Maybe look around for some novelty giant feet and build out from there? Otherwise, you'll need to sculpt it yourself.
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How good does it need to be? I had Zac Efron at my birthday party and the crappy-ness of colour copies on cardboard was part of his charm. http://imgur.com/eI8Z7Ec
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