How to read a Tumblr blog in chronological order?
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I came across a blog that interests me. I want to read it in order from oldest to newest. Managed to find the first post, but can't figure out how to "page" through to the next post, and keep reading in order.
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Okay, it's looking like the best I can do is use the "archive" link and then have to click on each post in order.

Most of my searching brought up how-tos for tumblr bloggers. Thought I'd found something useful in the "/chrono" suffix, but it only works if there's a specific tag.
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It may depend on the theme the person uses, but this is easy enough to do by figuring out what the "last" page of the tumblr blog is and then just paging backwards.

I've read to the end of a lot of tumblrs over the years. It doesn't seem to be that difficult to do. The main problem is if you want to have the site feed it to you from oldest to newest, since that really isn't how blogs work at all.
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Hmm, I found the first page, but don't see any way to move forward to the next one. So I'd have to start at the last page, go backwards to the beginning, and use the browser's back button to scroll through and read in order. That seems kludgy, unfortunately. This particular blog is a story that develops over time and I'd like to read it in order.
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Actually, I can't see a way to see the previous post from the most recent post.
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You should send this person a message and tell them that they way they've set up their blog makes it impossible to actually read the story the way it was intended, then.

I've seen a few tumblr blogs that use crazy ass themes where you can't really navigate anything or really use any functionality (srsly if I have to dig around to figure out how to reblog your post, I will probably lose interest and just not), and my guess is that it's 50/50 between people who don't know how user unfriendly their tumblr blog is and people who just don't care/did that deliberately for reasons.

Usually the way I find the "beginning" of a tumblr blog is to scroll to the bottom, then click some kind of arrow or maybe text that says NEXT PAGE. Then you get page 2. Up in the browser URL window, you will see the URL of the tumblr blog, followed by something like /2. You can now replace 2 with any number, hit enter, and if such a page exists, you'll end up there.

Is this kludgy? Yes. But since for the most part blogs are not meant to be read from oldest to newest post, and almost as a rule tumblr blogs are not meant to be read chronologically, this is just what it is. Unless someone has a greasemonkey script or something.
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You can add /archive to the URL of any tumblr to get a month-by-month overview of the blog. So, if there's a tumblr called, you can just go to to see all posts in an easy to navigate monthly archive form. I see you've already found an archive link for the blog in question, but this works even if there isn't an archive link.
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Weird. Bringing up the last page one way doesn't show any navigation. Bringing it up a different way, does show Previous/Next. So I'm using that with the url to get to the beginning. So far the navigation is still showing, way down in the footer, but it's there!

Thanks for all the tips!
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If there is a tag you want to read in chronological order, that's simple. go to and that will show you all posts with that tag, starting with oldest first. This is most helpful if there is a 'personal' or some other tag that contains the info you most want to see.
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This Daily Dot post mentions another workaround that might help (point 6):
Similar to the Tumblr /chrono function, you can also search through a Tumblr by date using “”.
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Go to the last page and use the 'decrement' bookmarklet on this page. Each time you click it'll decrement the last number in the url (the page # in your case) by one.
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I didn't get to try out that decrement bookmarklet, but it looks neat--thanks! Will remember it going forward.

I don't recall exactly how I managed to accomplish what I wanted, but I did, with a combination of tips posted here and sheer perseverance--thanks, folks!
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