CGI query strings in MT?
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I'm doing some Movable Type development. I'd like to add a custom query string to the normal mt-search strings. I was hoping to use PHP to do something with the string, but unfortunately I can't run PHP in the CGI files. Any options? I'm not a CGI writer, so I may be missing something obvious.
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PHP as of 4.[something] has a command-line binary that you could call directly from your cgi. I don't know anything about MT's internals (not even what language it's written in), so I can't give any more specific advice.
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Thanks for the links. I've tried the Inman technique, and even the folks at Rackspace can't help me make it work.

I'll keep trying the others, but that looked the most promising.
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Can you be more specific about what you want?

Give us an example -- the URL before and after.
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Oh, and which version of MT.

And what exactly happens when you try the Inman technique?

Now I've read the Inman page, the point of it is to have a search-results page which has working PHP includes in it. But that doesn't appear to be what you want.
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Never mind -- the reason I wanted the PHP is incredibly minor, and not worth the effort (an hour on the phone with Rackspace).

I've used javascript instead :)
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