Noneasy 3d printer for hobbyist
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Cheap 3d printers under $200 to keep a hobbyist busy? Not interested in kickstarter vaporware, and can be barely functional. This is to keep an electronics hobbyist friend from "fixing" other electronics in the house, actual usefulness not required.
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As far as I know, even building your own will cost more, just in parts. The cheapest kits I've seen are the Prusa kits from DX, and they are below $500, not $200... and the Aurora kits from Tinydeal, at $350. But maybe someone has seen a better deal elsewhere.

Or maybe he could finish someone's stranded printer building project?
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Best answer: Candy-fab. It uses granulated sugar as a printing medium and works by using a directed jet of hot air to melt sugar in the locations which need to be printed.

I'm not sure if it comes in under $200 but it wasn't a lot more expensive than that.
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3D printer for jello shots made from old cdrom drives. Or the peachyprinter has documented a lot on how they are doing it, get him some of the resin to get him inspired
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Best answer: I got a Printrbot Simple kit a couple of years ago for $300. It's surprisingly functional, and you can double the X/Y resolution with a toothed-belt kit (interestingly, you print some of the parts for that kit with the printer itself).

I don't know whether you'll find anything for $200 unless you scrounge a lot of parts yourself.
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The missus, who teaches a 3D printing course, recently came across this (unusually cheap) $300 list of parts for a Prusa Mendel. The person supplying the list notes that finding each part so cheaply requires considerable time, patience, and maneuvering, e.g. arranging group buys, etc.

Of course in your case that might be a feature, not a bug, if you can give your hobbyist friend just enough parts to tantalize.
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After a lot of research a friend of mine decided on the Graber i3 design (free design files, available as a kit from many sites). But $200 is not doable. Maybe $3-400 for that model.
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Response by poster: Shipping, availability, and price all conspired to make the 3d printer unattractive. I instead got him a Raspberry Pi Canakit B+ for about $75, which has kept him busy for three weeks now turning it into a streaming media box and alarm system.
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