Short-notice Caribbean vacation suggestions?
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Short-notice Caribbean vacation suggestions?

My GF and I both have the 17th (that's this Thursday!) through the 23rd off, and minor surgery from which I thought I'd be recuperating has been postponed till after Thanksgiving. I'd love to go somewhere sunny, and with my mind's eye I see comfortable little villas on a wide white beach, with bars and restaurants not far, and maybe not all the world's bugs. And my mind's wallet sees this costing $500 a night or less (which is why this is a different question than this one). There must be such places, but where? So far I'm thinking Providenciales, the BVI, and St. Martin, but I'm open to anything.
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st. martin is great. one half of the island is french (fancy) and the other half is dutch (on the cheaper side). i stayed on the french side near a nude beach but frequented the dutch side because it was cheaper and more interesting. there are nice beaches on either side of the island.
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If you go to Travelocity's last minute deals page, and select Carribean (and then See All Destinations within that), and pick your dates (leaving the 16th is the earliest, returning the 23rd - after you've picked the 16th - is the latest, so you're in luck), you'll see a LOT of choices starting at $434 per person (WAY less than $500 per night) for flight and hotel combined. Some of the options are all-inclusive.

So price isn't an issue. (And there are other sites besides Travelocity, of course, that have last minute deals.) You might want to look through the list and pick a couple that look good, then ask further questions here. Also, you might search for reviews of the hotels and resorts you're interested in.

Both you and your GF have passports, yes? Otherwise you might be limited to Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands [but I'm not a travel expert, so I'll defer to others on this point]. And you might want to limit yourself to direct flights between the NYC area and your destination, to minimize travel time and hassles.
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St. Martin it is! Thanks! Travelocity made it happen.
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