capture video directly to hard drive?
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capturing video from GL2 directly to powerbook???

ok, so lets say i want to bypass tape completely and capture directly to my hard drive. like keep my powerbook in my backpack and run a firewire cable from the cam to the laptop. would final cut be able to do this? would my laptop go to sleep since it would be closed? is there another program or piece of hardware that would work better?


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Can I ask why you want to no dump to tape first?

Unless you are going to be using the camcorder as a A->D bridge (like comverting VHS to digital)I don't see the point of this.
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I wanted to do this as well, with a different camera. My desire was to leave it filming all night, and clearly any tape wasn't going to work for that.
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its time sensitive material, so dumping it directly to the hard drive just cuts down on having to capture it all first. if i shoot from 7am-11am and need to have that footage edited and up on the web by 2pm (3pm at the latest), capturing is just not gonna work.
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what you want is a firestore
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Well, if you were on a PC , I'd say that DVRack would fix you right up. But you're on a Mac, so what you could do is record the video directly in iMovie or Final Cut. Alternatively, use a freeware tool like BTV.
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