How do I rid my office chair of this squeak?
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How do I rid my office chair of this gosh awful squeak?

My office chair refuses to quit sqeaking. I've probably used an entire bottle of WD-40 on the chair. The culprit seems to be in the hydrolic post thing. I feel like a total idiot but I can't think of what the thing is called...the metal "pole" that connects the chair to the wheel base and controls the height of the chair....that thing. That's where it seems the squeak is coming from.
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There's a metal spring inside that post, as well as a crude shock absorber. The spring rubbing against the inside is likely the source of the squeak- and may not be repairable without disassembling the whole darn thing. Most lower-end office chairs come with a factory-sealed post assembly, so it may just be a case of SOL or buy a new chair, because you'll destroy it trying to disassemble it.
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The easiest way is to come in early or stay late and swap it for someone else's.
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Haha, good advice Capn...except I work out of my home.
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That just means you have to do it REALLY early or late.

I say this as a total cheapskate myself, but is this chair worth spending a lot of time and hassle on? Last time I was in Office Depot they had several good chairs that were under $50 simply because they were floor models of a model they were no longer carrying.

Alternately you might try a better lubricant than WD-40. I use a teflon-based one around the house.
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Well, there's your problem: WD-40 is only a very light lubricant. That's because it is, in fact, a degreaser -- it should be used to remove lubricant.

Try using good old-fashioned oil.
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Is wax do-able?

My grampa fixed creaks in a porch swing with paraffin. My mom almost kicked his ass (she found the squeaking oddly soothing.)

Don't much care for oil indoors; no matter how careful I am, it always seems to get over everything.
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I ultimately went to Office Max and some how happened upon a $100 chair that I was able to get for $60 since it was discontinued and a floor model...nice.
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