Double Decker Desk/Table?
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I recall seeing a desk built with just a simple tabletop, and 6" below the tabletop there was a shelf that ran all the way around the table. Ring a bell?

The shelf was maybe the depth of a sheet of paper. That's it. It looked really simple and elegant, and I'd like more of both of those qualities in my life :)

I thought the desk was on Design within Reach, or that it was linked from 37 Signal's "Signal vs. Noise," but I can't find it on those two sites, and my googles do nothing.
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Hmmm, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by the depth measurement, but here is a desk that seems to fit the rest of your description:

Blue Dot desk

I've also seen something like it at Room and Board and Ikea.
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Best answer: Is it the Dordoni Worktop Table ? The shelves run all the way around the sides as you said.
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Response by poster: the webmistress, that's it!
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