Calculated field on LibreOffice database form?
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Since Bento for the Mac is no longer supported, I converted a Bento database I use for keeping track of beer brewing to a LibreOffice database. The only thing that didn't work was a calculated field I had that used the Original Gravity and Final Gravity fields to come up with the ABV. How can I do this in LibreOffice?

As you might guess by my use of Bento, I am not a SQL/database expert. I've googled around and the few "explanations" of how to do this in LibreOffice are rather complicated to say the least. I can just calculate by hand and enter it, but that seems like a step back. Any suggestions on how to do this?
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The database program uses SQL syntax, so something like:

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Response by poster: That query works, but how do I get it onto the form?
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I've never actually used the libreoffice database program, so I'm not sure. You're trying to create a "calculated field", google might help you out.

This is old, but take a look.
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Response by poster: The key was to use all of the table fields in the query and to tell the form to switch to the query as the data source for the field.
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