Curata alternatives for content curation?
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I'm evaluating Curata for my company, but wanted to know if there are other options I should be looking at, as well as whether it is a good fit for us. Any experienced users have any advice?

We publish a daily digest of news stories on a certain topic. Right now, the discovery process for the content involves me checking a bunch of bookmarks--some are saved searches on Google or Twitter; others are websites of organizations that may or may not have an RSS feed or anything like that; others are government sites and so on and so forth. We've been wanting to automate this for a while as it takes a couple hours to get through the search, time that could be spent on more valuable tasks.

I heard about Curata and decided to check it out and had a conversation with their sales guy today. From what he said, it sounds like it should do what we want, as well as automating a few other jobs we do around sharing the content (via our email list over MailChimp, posting to our website, Tweeting, etc).

Any experienced users want to comment on how well it works? The guy said he is confident it will catch all of the content that we get doing things by hand, but of course he's going to say that--he's selling it. I'm also wondering what other products are in this segment that we should be considering. Curate may actually be overkill for us, but if it saves us a few hours of time a day I'm interested. (The sales guy's going to give me a demo of the software, but I'd also like to hear from real world users if I can.) Thanks.
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