Anyone speak Icelandic?
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What is the word or words in Icelandic for 'the redeemer' or 'redeemer'?

I'm trying to find out what the phrase or words or word would be for 'the redeemer' or 'redeemer' in Icelandic. I've looked online but keep seeing three different versions of what it could be and would like a more concrete answer. If there's a feminine form of it too that would be even more awesome.

The words I've found for it are freslari, lausnari, and efna.
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You've probably seen the Wiktionary entry for freslari, but it mentions lausnari as a synonym.

And I don't see a separate lausnari entry so I assume they're both masculine.

I'm not Icelandic but I really want to go visit.

Efna doesn't seem to match:
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Hit up Kattullus, he can probably help.
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Also Ursus Comiter might know, though he is on vacation this week.
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"Freslari" and "lausnari" are nouns, and both are masculine, and both pretty much mean "redeemer" in the specific religious sense. "Frelsari" is the one who frees you, "lausari" is the one who releases you - both from sin I suppose. "Efna" is a verb that can mean redeem more in the sense of redeeming a coupon. Source: I live in Iceland and speak it okay, but am not fluent.
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I think it's a proper name rather than a general one.
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