Help me identify song by lyric.
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"Climb the walls like Peter Parker, now." what downtempo, Funky Lowlives-esque song from about 10-15 years ago does that line come from?

It might have even been Funky Lowlives! One of many songs from the shuttered Live365 station I used to listen to, but the only one with a specific lyric I remember. Anybody know?
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Do This My Way Blackalicious
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Fabolous - Love Come Down?
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Response by poster: Alas, it is neither of those. A woman* is singing it in the song I memory is shakier here, but I want to say the chorus includes the lyrics, "Never, never, never never...hold us, hold us down" and "Oooooh, I understand." I'm pretty sure there are is no rapping in it.

EDIT* I guess it's possible it could be a male with a high register too, but I'm pretty sure it's a woman.
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