Dentist in Sydney in or near CBD?
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I am traveling for work. Just lost a filling. Suspect I need at least a temp to get me through as I don't get home til next Tuesday. Anyone got a rec for a dentist who will take a helpless American and hopefully not charge in the thousands? And if there's anyt unique about the process of going to a dentist in Australua that would help too.
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You probably don't need a temp if there is no pain. I had a filling fall out like... 11 years ago... and I am just getting around to having it re-filled now.
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Not sure if they have it there but my local US pharmacy sells temp filling stuff OTC that could hold you over.
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Best answer: There is the nib dental centre in Hunter Street. They have HEAPS of dentists there so you've probably got the best chance of getting an appointment ASAP. Costs wise they will be the same as any other dentist in Sydney.
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Best answer: I can't recommend a dentist in that area, but NIB might not take members of the public. Double check. NIB is an insurer and their clinics are subsidised by them.

In Australia anyone can self refer to a dentist and the filling shouldn't be more than a couple of hundred dollars. The closer you are to the city, the more expensive it will be. Hopefully another city dweller can help if proximity is super important.

Alternatively there are two dentists in the practice we go to which is a short train trip out of the city and metres from the station in Summer Hill. We love them.

Ph 9799 0177
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Best answer: I can recommend Dr Ting Lim at Dental Connect, inside the Broadway Shopping Centre - phone 02 9211 2388. He has a gentle bedside manner and is fair and transparent about his fees. The dentists right in the middle of the CBD will probably be a bit more expensive because of the high rents. Broadway is a short walk or bus ride away on the edge of the inner city but gets you into the zone of normal suburban prices. Dentistry in Australia is mostly privately funded so the fees will be no higher for you than anyone else - definitely not in the thousands! I thing my last filling (permanent, not temporary) cost less than $200. Just let the staff know if you need any paperwork filled out for your insurance.
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Best answer: Also nearby is Dr Peter Verteouris at Campus Dental at the University of Sydney. He is also very gentle and nice. To replace a filling might be $200-300, not thousands. I have no fillings so I'm just guessing, it's mostly about how long they spend with you. Just call and ask beforehand. Level 3 Wentworth Building The University of Sydney, City Road, Sydney NSW 2006
(02) 9692 8900

Easy bus ride from the CBD for both Sydney Uni & Broadway. The university is huge so make sure you get a City Rd bus or you'll end up at the wrong end of campus and have to walk back. But it's a lovely walk.
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Best answer: I can recommend Dr. David Lee at Holdsworth House, a short walk from Museum Station. Very personable, very gentle, and top notch care. Very good receptionists too. Hopefully if you get a handful of recommendations someone will be able to see you! Good luck!

I have heaps of cavities (despite my constant vigilance!), have been to many dentists, and am very very picky.
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Yes, a couple hundred, max - not thousands!
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Best answer: NIB takes general public patients, you don't need to have NIB insurance. You can just pay cash. You can just ring them and see what appointments they have available. As others have said, a standard filling will be around $200 and take about an hour.
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