Thanksgiving Day in New York City
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What should a couple in their early 30s do in New York City on Thanksgiving Day?

Wife and I did New York at Thanksgiving last year. We're taking the train from Boston to the city again this year. Arriving at noon on Wednesday. Departing on Saturday afternoon.

We're looking for suggestions on a couple of things to do on Thursday. (We're going to the parade and yes I know it's touristy and cheesy, but eff that... it's fun and I feel 5-years old again.)

After the parade we're looking for...
1. A chill place to have Thanksgiving lunch. (Is there a bar or other relaxed environment to consume all the traditional Thanksgiving cuisine?)
2. Any site we should see, event we should attend, or bar we should drink in during the afternoon hours?
3. ...anything else you'd recommend that can be found on Thanksgiving Day?

- We're staying in Williamsburg within a stones throw south of the Williamsburg Bridge, but we'll travel anywhere and know our way around the city very well.
- We like anything... and while we're anti-tourists, we're not full-on hipsters.
- We're in our early 30s, no kids.
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We're in NYC this weekend as well, and found out that both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is open. (You may have been there/done that already though...)
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You may want to start looking NOW for a place to eat on Thanksgiving proper, so you can make a reservation if need be.

That said, Time Out New York literally just published an article about Thanksgiving in New York City this year, complete with a chart of suggestions for where to eat based on what your budget was.
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The central park zoo will be open.
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