Ditmas Park for a couple/family?
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Tell me about Ditmas Park, and what is has (or has not) to offer a married couple/family.

We fell in love with an apartment off the Newkirk stop on the B/Q in Ditmas Park. I was hesitant to commit to it because it feels far away from our radius of Fort Greene and Prospect Heights, but I know a lot of families who have moved to the area for the space and price. I know it's somewhat established/up-and-coming, and that it's famous for insane Christmas decorations, but that's about it.

We're planning on starting a family soon and I want to feel good about committing ourselves to 3-4 years in a neighborhood conducive to early parenting (playgrounds, good daycares, other families, kid-friendly places that childless people like me hate and future-parent-me will likely be grateful for). We went to Sycamore Bar last night and loved it, but it was dark out and we weren't able to get a feel for the rest of the neighborhood, except that it's strangely suburban.

So please, tell me about your experiences with Ditmas Park!
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I have lived in DP for over 5 years and I love it. Living off the Q is good for commuting, the neighborhood is beautiful, and there are lots of nice local restaurants and bars (about 25 of which have opened since I first moved here, yikes). I am not a parent but I have seen a lot of happy ones around. There are playgrounds (one of which is right across from the public library) and even a cafe for parents/kids, albeit at the other end of the neighborhood from Newkirk. Shoot me a memail if you'd like to talk or want a tour!

(Side note: think it is Dyker Heights which is more famous for Christmas stuff, but Ditmas Park is not too bad!)
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It's actually Dyker Heights that's the Christmas Nexus; a different part of Brooklyn.

I went there on a little expedition last month just to walk around, and it did feel suburban; I also saw a lot of kids and young families. Not as many bars/coffee shops/etc. except along one drag, but it seems like an "on the cusp" spot. It's also (self-link alert) where I saw the prettiest block I've seen in this city.
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We went to Sycamore Bar last night and loved it, but it was dark out and we weren't able to get a feel for the rest of the neighborhood, except that it's strangely suburban.

There are tons of good restaurants on the same street as Sycamore bar and more coming. Try The Farm on Adderly, Qathra (actually a coffee shop that does amazing sandwiches), the little Tibetan place right next to the Cortelyou Q stop is also amazing, as is The Castello Plan and if you're into it there's a fairly reasonable food co-op on that road as well also a small green market on Sundays. We're a bit further north so Prospect Park is a very short walk for us but we love walking in the park and having weekend picnics by the lake. It might be more a two stop subway ride for you guys. It seems like a super couple-y and family-y place. You can MeMail me if you have specific questions, but I'm in the couple category rather than the early parent category.
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Yeah, Ditmas Park is not where the insane decorations are. I am in Kensington, which abuts Ditmas Park, and I love the whole area. Much is available along the main drag of Cortelyou Road, many new restaurants and things opening along Church Ave to the north, and Newkirk Plaza is also very useful (both for its shops and because it's an express stop on the B). It's also very easy to get to Park Slope, Atlantic Terminal, Fort Greene, and (if you're close enough to the B103—my favorite bus!) to Downtown Brooklyn. Other bus routes you should get to know: the B68 (straight up Coney Island Avenue to Prospect Park West) and the B41 (which goes up Flatbush Avenue along the other side of the park, all the way to Downtown Brooklyn). The campus of Brooklyn College is nearby, which has an honest-to-goodness quad with a big open grassy area (technically you're supposed to have ID to access the campus, but at busy times of day, pretty much anyone can walk through the two main gates on either side of Bedford Avenue).

There are tons of resources for families in the area.
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Ditmas Park Corner is a good source for info on the neighborhood and environs.
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I've lived in Ditmas Park for several years and love it, but I do want to point out that there have been several armed robberies in the area in recent weeks. Ditmas Park Corner has had coverage of some of the robberies and subsequent police action and community council meeting.
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