Hotels in San Diego over Thanksgiving weekend?
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Please share your good experiences with hotels in San Diego!! I'm looking for recommendations for family (two adults and a three and half year old) that will likely be visiting this weekend.

They will be going to the zoo/Balboa Park, and I will be visiting for a day or two while they're there, staying in Hillcrest. They will have a car though, so other neighborhoods/areas are fine too.

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i recently stayed at the marriott in mission valley, and the hotel was perfectly nice, well located, and it looks like they have reasonably priced rooms for the thanksgiving weekend. i recommend it - i also stayed there during comic-con and it was pretty quiet, and i would totally stay there again.
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A couple years ago we stayed at the Town & Country Resort in Hotel Circle where they offered a package deal that included admission to the Zoo. They have rooms in a high rise tower or in low bungalows - we went with the bungalow and were very happy with the choice.
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My favorite hotel in San Diego is the Del. I've also stayed at the Hilton down by the convention center (I forget exactly what it's called) and it's nice, albeit with much less character.
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NTHING The Hotel Del Coronado. It's supposed to be 80 degrees, that beach is my favorite, and it's the holidays! Live a little!!

I like The Gas Lamp Hilton. Pretty sure both of these are premium rooms, tho.
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I liked The Dana Hotel on Mission Bay, and it looks like the rooms are decently priced. One of my coworkers had her husband and little kid meet us there, and kid had a blast at a small amusement park nearby that I don't know the name of.
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I think Paradise Point is really nice with kids. It's on the bay with lots of beach real estate. The ocean here can be pretty rough, but the bay is great for little kids. There are pools and duck ponds and lots of nicely landscaped grounds for a kid to explore.
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I've stayed at the Pacific Terrace and the Bahia, with my kids. You can get suites at them, they have swimming pools, and you can walk to the beach, which is all we're looking for.

The Bahia is weird. It came to grow on me over the weekend we were there, but it's definitely... weird. It's right on a marina with a little sandy beach, which the 3 1/2 year-old would probably like.
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