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Have not been to PDX in 5-6 years. Will be there next week from Wednesday 12/3 through Saturday 12/6. I'll be staying in DT Portland. Restaurants are covered. Looking for a bike rental shops, coffeehouse's with awesome pastries and pies, and other random cool places. My hangout spots are Hawthorne District and (of course) Powell's. I am also a Farmer's Market junky and would appreciate suggestion on local markets that will be taking place during that time. Thanks in advance...
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Best answer: My suggestions are concentrated to the lower Hawthorne area since that's where I've lived.

Bike rental: Clever Cycles (9th & Hawthorne)

My go-to places for coffee and pastries are Palio (middle of Ladd's Addition, SE 16th & Ladd) and Grand Central Bakery. Palio has amazing cake. Their little blackberry cobblers heated up with vanilla ice cream are so good. For some reason I never tried their pie, but I assume it is also fab. Their espresso drinks are quite good; I'm not a huge fan of their plain coffee but I am pretty picky. It's a nice place to just hang out, too - heading into Ladd's takes you away from the Hawthorne bustle for a bit. Grand Central Bakery is a tad pricey but their pastries, sandwiches, and coffee are excellent. It's on 22nd/23rd & Hawthorne. It's also right next to Kruger's Farm Stand, which sells local produce.

As far as I know the only Farmer's Market that will be open in December is the PSU one which is on Saturdays, but there might be some smaller ones I'm unaware of. Most tend to shut down in the fall.
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Best answer: Not sure where in downtown you're staying, but there's bike rental available at Cycle Portland, 117 NW 2nd (between Couch and Davis). They also do tours, if that's your thing.
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Portland Farmers Markets days and times and locations here.
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Mmmm, coffee.

Hawthorne has been a bit quiet with new openings in the last couple years. If you're wanting to stick to that zone, I'd check out the new Coava location for coffee and treats. They have a fireplace and are quite friendly.

It's not on Hawthorne, but it's close. Lauretta Jean's does pies better than just about anyone in southeast. They also serve arguably better coffee than most places on Division.

Little T's has lots of snacks. Their coffee is in the B+ territory, but their snacks are quite nice. Lots of breads, but other pastries too. They make everything in-house, and are quite quality driven.

If you're willing to venture further up Division, Good Coffee just opened up, and they serve some pretty tasty stuff; their coffee offerings rotate a bit. It is very pretty inside.

If you're staying downtown, I would give Heart's west side location a try. It is a scandinavian style, much lighter roasting style that is worth a try. Their treats can sometimes be lacking, but sometimes they're on the mark…they change it up treat-wise there quite a bit.

The Barista locales downtown are legit, but there's not much room for sitting and snacking, they're more 'to go' sort of places. They will have 3 rotating roasters that you can pick from; I really suggest deciding on a drink, then letting them choose the coffee for said drink. It's always a winner. Their treats are more standard pastries; good, but nothing noteworthy.
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I know you said that restaurants are covered, but I have a recommendation: Salt & Straw. Great handmade ice cream flavors like Hazelnut Rosemary Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans, Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Black Pepper, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache and other (tasty) flavors

The Lan Su Chinese Garden. Imported brick by brick from China, the Ming Dynasty style garden is a wonder in any weather.

How about some "live band karaoke" at Karaoke From Hell.

Mills End Park. The two foot circle is the worlds smallest park. A quick visit, but it is one of those things that makes Portland weird.

Go play a classic arcade game or pinball at Ground Kontrol.

You could also... go to the Kidds Toy Museum, the Spruce Goose, visit the Starks Vacuum Museum, catch a show/concert on the hardwood ball bearing floor at the Crystal Ballroom, or stop by the Bathtub Art Museum, the BMX Bike Museum, or The Freakybuttrue Pecularium and Museum.

Have fun!
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For bike rental, I'd recommend my former employer, Pedal Bike Tours at SW 2nd and Ash or Everybody's Bike Rentals in NE, but you can also find the comprehensive PDX bike rental list on the city website (includes everything from mountain bikes to e-bikes and beyond).

Another bit of bikey entertainment if you're near Ladd's addition - stop by Coventry Cycle Works and borrow a recumbent for a test ride.
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If you don't mind riding to NE Portland a ways, Jim and Patty's Coffee has awesome coffee and foodstuffs. They were the owners of the brand Coffee People that was big in Portland until it got bought out.
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