I need help finding an old New Yorker Talk of the Town story
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You'd think this would be an easy thing to Google, but it's not.

I'm trying to locate a New Yorker story, published in the Talk of the Town section of the magazine probably 3 or 4 years ago. The premise of the story is that the reporter has to make his way across an entire Manhattan city block without ever going outside. He dashes through the back rooms of stores and passes through all sorts of unmarked doors, and finally he does it: he makes it to the other side of the block. From what I recall, it's a really fine example of non-news reporting; totally frivolous but fun to read. If anyone remembers the story in enough detail to find it online, I'd be grateful for a link.
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I remember this! I feel like the reporter had to go through an underground mall or a big department store (Macy's?). (sorry if this isn't helpful.)
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Best answer: The original Talk piece was written by John Updike in 1956: "Rockefeller Center, Ho! (subscription required)

In 2009, some staffers documented their attempt to retrace Updike's route for the New Yorker website.
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Some of it can be read in Google Books
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Response by poster: Oh, wow. Good job, team. It was the 2009 retrace that I was remembering.
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