What useful programs/utilities can I put on a thumbdrive?
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What useful programs/utilities can I put on a thumbdrive?

I was recently given a 1GB thumbdrive for my birthday. I've transfered all my documents and other important backups to the drive, and I'm left with about 850MBs of free space. Are there any useful programs or utilities I can put on it? Ideally, I'd love to keep this thumbdrive on my keychain and use it to help friends with computer problems. (Yes, I'm the resident "computer guy" in my neck of the woods!) TIA for any information you can provide.
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Try the Portable Apps Suite.

From the link:
Portable Apps Suite Contains: Portable Firefox, Portable Thunderbird, Portable OpenOffice.org, Portable AbiWord, Portable NVU, Portable Sunbird, Portable FileZilla, Portable Gaim and will fit on a 256Mb USB thumbdrive.

For helping out those in need, there is Spybot - for spyware and avast! - for antivirus (free for home use).
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Oh, and if you do not want the whole suite, each of the portable applications are available separately.
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You'll find the answers to this previous question useful. I would also suggest visiting the following websites:

USBApps.com, Portable USB Apps and an excellent site for small apps (although maybe not all suitable for a USB drive) is TinyApps.Org.
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I like having putty and sciTE on a thumbdrive, cause lots of people wont have ssh or a decent text editor on their machine.

I found tinyapps.org a great resource for other cool stuff for thumbdrives, cause ideally all the programs you use will 1) run as an executable without installation and 2) not write any changes to the computer you are plugging into, like the registry.
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On mine, I have:

Everything from Sysinternals
Unix Utilities
Ad Aware

and an antivirus program. I also have some common drivers that will get most of the computers I work with up and running (i.e. Network drivers that some of my machines use that dont come inbox in Windows, etc).

The Portable Apps Suite that purephase mentions above looks really awesome too, I will probably add that
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You can run Linux (eg. Damn Small Linux) off a thumbdrive.
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You can run Linux (eg. Damn Small Linux) off a thumbdrive.

And you'd still have 800MB free for all that other stuff!
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For what it's worth, you can run Windows XP off of a USB drive.
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Tiddliwiki or a similar platform-agnostic notes tool might be nice.
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If you find yourself fixing your friends computers, then you are really saying you will be cleaning up spyware and updating windows almost every time. So, ad-aware is good and a free antivirus that is excellent is AVG and top it all off with November 2005 version of Autopatcher, the only way to patch a windows XP pc quickly.

I have a 1GB thumbdrive and the largest files on it are the SP2 updater (266MB), Autopatcher (233MB), Ontracks Easy Recovery, Adobe PDF reader 7 (20mb), winamp, real alternative, quicktime alternative, Matroska Pack, WinRAR 3.50 corporate edition... the list goes on.
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The Portable Freeware Collection has some nice stuff. And I'll second 31d1's mention of tinyapps.
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For anti-spyware, put on Hitman Pro. It's not really well-known, but it's an automated macro of sorts that automatically downloads all the popular free spyware apps, updates and optimizes the settings, and then scans your machine. It has it's own heuristic analysis built in too.

The only issue in terms of it being on a thumbdrive is that it's not "portable" (has to be installed) and it does require an internet connection.
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I'd always leave 800Mb free so that you can transfer a full CD-ROM's worth of data via the drive. That's a useful function in a lot of circumstances, since a lot of sets of data of all types are arranged with the size of a CD in mind, even if they're not on a CD.
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I've got a tonne of abandonwarez on mine and dosbox - perfect for playing games on other peoples/your employers computers whilst leaving nary a trace... You never know when the urge to play UFO or Civ1 might strike!
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